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10 Steps to Taking Charge of Your Hospital Experience

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Hospital stays are often stressful. Be proactive.

Hospital stays are often stressful; there is a lot happening that can be new and confusing. And the trend toward hospitalists is still on the upswing. As frustrating as it may feel, it is necessary for both patients and caretakers to take a more proactive approach regarding their care during a hospital stay and during discharge. This list includes:

  • How to optimize your hospital stay
  • Keep and maintain contacts during your stay
  • A summary of items for discharge.

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Navigating the Patient Experience

Telling Stories to Change Lives provides information on the patient experience for yourself or for someone you care for as a caregiver, a friend, or a healthcare worker.

Opinion: Medical mishaps are shockingly common in U.S. hospitals. It happened to my husband.

Published: The San Diego Union-Tribune Op-Ed on Medical Mishaps

My recent Op/Ed in the San Diego Union-Tribune highlights opportunities to improve on the delivery of healthcare here in the United States.

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Advocacy Insights Gained from My Husband's Surgery

Advocacy Insights Gained from My Husband’s Surgery

I nearly lost my husband last summer after his surgery for a hiatal hernia. Here’s a snapshot of mistakes that were made.

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I am pleased to share The Baltimore Sun published my Op-Ed on the important issue of Medical Gaslighting.

Gaslighting – Steps to Counter

Medical gaslighting is a practice that needs to stop. It causes harm to patients. Education and training programs for healthcare professionals must be adjusted to address this issue.

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Navigating the Patient Experience

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