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Patient Advocate, Researcher & Writer

Laurie Reed, patient advocate and professional researcher, shares patients’ stories and insights. See a selection of potential presentation topics.

We often learn best by telling stories, sharing stories, and listening.

As a patient advocate, and as a researcher, Laurie has gained a deep appreciation for the power of the patient narrative. She is particularly interested in the role of advocacy and support to positively influence healthcare outcomes.

Her insights are based on interviews with people who have experienced a serious illness. Here is a tremendous opportunity to learn from those on the front-line of healthcare – patients. Discover the value of advocacy and support, and the steps you can take to improve healthcare interactions for you and those you love.

Here is a selection of potential presentation topics.




Laurie Reed, Author, Speaker and Guide to Telling Stories to Change Lives

Listening, distilling, and giving voice to the concerns of others are the skills Laurie Reed developed over 20 years of marketing research for two leading international companies. Laurie holds a Master’s of Science degree and a Certificate in Patient Advocacy, both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Throughout her years of professional experience in media communications and healthcare, it has been Laurie’s primary passion to ensure representation of the voice of the customer in strategic planning, decision-making, and policy.

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Sharing Patient Stories

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Navigating the Patient Experience

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