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25 Actions to Improve Interaction Between Patients & Physicians

Receive my exclusive list of 25 Actions to improve interactions between patients and physicians.

Whether you are a patient or a physician these lists were created with you in mind.

Based on real-world experiences as well as pulled from the latest scientific research, these 25 Actions use specific examples to help you improve your physician/patient communication.

  • Build trust, practice good listening, and demonstrate empathy
  • Learn practical and easy techniques to enhance your skillset
  • Accessible ideas that can be put to use immediately

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Navigating the Patient Experience

Telling Stories to Change Lives provides information on the patient experience for yourself or for someone you care for as a caregiver, a friend, or a healthcare worker.

Opinion: Medical mishaps are shockingly common in U.S. hospitals. It happened to my husband.

Published: The San Diego Union-Tribune Op-Ed on Medical Mishaps

My recent Op/Ed in the San Diego Union-Tribune highlights opportunities to improve on the delivery of healthcare here in the United States.
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Advocacy Insights Gained from My Husband's Surgery

Advocacy Insights Gained from My Husband’s Surgery

I nearly lost my husband last summer after his surgery for a hiatal hernia. Here’s a snapshot of mistakes that were made.
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I am pleased to share The Baltimore Sun published my Op-Ed on the important issue of Medical Gaslighting.

Gaslighting – Steps to Counter

Medical gaslighting is a practice that needs to stop. It causes harm to patients. Education and training programs for healthcare professionals must be adjusted to ...
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Navigating the Patient Experience

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